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UX Design by Sander and many of the other digital assets under the Shell WindEnergy umbrella were in big part designed by a web experience consultant SANDER NIZNI and his team, all of whom are devoted to ecology, alternative energies, and green technologies. Sander Nizni was recommended to WellAuthority and iProppant by Shell Wind Energy and works with us independently but has become part of our extended family.

Since 2004, Sander has worked on a number of complex enterprise-level projects around the world, including those for Amazon, Move, Inc. ( and its worldwide affiliates), University of Phoenix and KLM, among others. Sander is also involved in multiple ongoing pro bono projects for MD Anderson Cancer CentersChildren’s Miracle Network, and ASPCA.

Sander Nizni - experienced product and UX professional in California

Sander’s expertise results in great value for our team: he represents a wonderful fusion of product leadership talent, technical/web acumen and dedication. To connect with Sander Nizni, please visit his career site site:

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