About iProppant

iProppant has six primary port locations in the USA and a network of 13 associates working worldwide to ensure best value for our clients. iProppant (aka International Proppant) is an energy venture company formed in 2006 as part of the Well Authority Group of energy companies (WellAuthority.com). We are ready to meet with you at your location or in one of these convenient cities: in Houston, Texas (USA), San Francisco, California (USA), London (UK), or Beijing (China).

iProppant was founded under the Well Authority™ corporate umbrella. We have a simple goal in mind — to be the most flexible and most reliable supplier of proppant worldwide. How are we different from other proppant specialists? When you work with iProppant, you will never be “steered” to buy a specific brand or to invest in a technology that makes your vendor the most money. It’s simple — we are on your side because we don’t make more or less money depending on the brand or type of product you buy. In essence, we WANT your oil and gas jobs to be profitable and efficient, which is not something that all your vendors can honestly say. Among other things, this simply means that we carry a full range of proppant products to suit every customer’s needs. This includes all grades and types of quality materials, including many high-strength fracturing products, such as, for instance, 15000+ PSI (103 MPa) rated ceramics, mixing sand, and many more to suit your needs.

We are your official trade channel for brand products… As official U.S. distributors with offices in Houston, Texas (USA), we are also proud that one of our U.S. board members (a native Mandarin speaker) is a China national. As a result, we offer factory-direct prices from a variety of ceramic proppant manufacturers, which systemically results in better prices and terms than those available through brokers and resellers anywhere.

We know the business. There is nothing more valuable than working with people who know the industry top down. We do. And because we do, you can speak the same language to us as you would to an engineer or a project developer. This saves everyone time and results into many efficiencies that affect both your bottom line and how you feel about your job. At the end of the day, we are on your side, and this matters, doesn’t it?

Product brands… Although we have trade relationships with a variety of manufacturers and fabricate our own proppants (iProppant), we can offer you the most competitive prices on virtually any brand you may require for a specific job. Because of strong relationships with a number of competitive high-volume manufacturers, we are commonly able to quote you a price for a specific product quantity as soon as 24 hours after you submit a product inquiry.


  • Myth 1: Proppant deals are difficult!

    Truth: iProppant deals are faster, smoother, and less expensive.

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  • Myth 2: good proppant is expensive!

    Truth: iProppant product family is successful BECAUSE it offers better value than other leading brands.

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  • Meet "the black caviar" of proppants!

    The iProppant Product Family includes ISO/OSHA certified in-house high-strength products as well as top worldwide brands customized to your specifications.

    We are both a manufacturer and a distributor!
  • Working with demanding clients is our specialty...

    ...because we are very good at what we do. Try us, and then brag about your success to your business partners.

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