Our Business Model… Proppant use is rising rapidly. It is rising worldwide as exploration of natural resources becomes more and more demanding, and it is rising in the USA specifically, as the U.S. energy market is growing more dependent on domestic oil. A variety of dealers and brokers assemble and resell proppant of varying qualify in the open market (including predominantly Chinese brands) but often fail to deliver on time and/or supply product of below-par specifications and/or overcharge clients. This results in frustration and in lack of confidence when working with proppant suppliers — whether dealers or brokers or manufacturers. WellAuthority™ solves this problem in one of two effective ways:

  • by shipping quality products worldwide at low prices directly from manufacturers (including China),
  • by manufacturing its own product line and shipping it worldwide from the USA.

What is the Industry Standard?… New fracturing technologies and production approaches have evolved rapidly in anticipation of the next domestic energy boom, and today’s most profitable and experienced developers and drilling specialists are either already using or contemplating a variety of new, advanced ceramic product options. Formed in 2006 as part of the Well Authority Group of energy companies (, iProppant offers these options to you at the best prices worldwide. Remember to ask us for copies of Stim Lab reports: this should give you and/or your clients more reasons to buy from us.


  • Myth 1: Proppant deals are difficult!

    Truth: iProppant deals are faster, smoother, and less expensive.

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  • Myth 2: good proppant is expensive!

    Truth: iProppant product family is successful BECAUSE it offers better value than other leading brands.

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  • Meet "the black caviar" of proppants!

    The iProppant Product Family includes ISO/OSHA certified in-house high-strength products as well as top worldwide brands customized to your specifications.

    We are both a manufacturer and a distributor!
  • Working with demanding clients is our specialty...

    ...because we are very good at what we do. Try us, and then brag about your success to your business partners.

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