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The truth is… No two proppant transactions and no two fracturing products are the same. So, chances are that we will need to speak and meet face to face before we “fall in love” and you allow your proppant business to depend on iProppant. In the meantime, what you need to know is that all our proppant brands have effectively serviced a variety of projects for Shell, Halliburton, BP, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger and other industry players for many years. Further, as you may know, in the recent past many proppant transactions have closed through resellers, dealers or brokers, who assemble product from several sources (commonly in China) and then repackage it and resell. But there is a better way to stay within your budget and within your timelines — it is called iProppant. Give us a call. Ask around. Do whatever you need to get familiar with us. And when you are ready, let’s meet and talk about your fracturing needs, and you will be pleased that we are good listeners and that we know the proppant business.

Delivery, Payments, Discounts… Delivery is always fast because we normally ship directly from the manufacturer’s nearest port (we don’t resell our products and don’t buy from resellers, which also ensures that our prices are low). Most Chinese brands ship out through Chendu Port. In transactions involving creditworthy buyers, we are able to ship out up to two million US Dollars worth of product with minimal or no prepayment. Discounts are offered for timely and/or advance payments and for significant volumes. Our private brand ceramic product line sells at a 3.5% discount but has identical ISO and OSHAS/OSHA characteristics (if your project is not brand-sensitive, talk to us about this excellent product to enjoy these great savings).

ISO and OSHAS/OSHA Compliance… All products we offer are safe and fully certified. You may click here to request further information about us or about our products.

Minimum Orders… Our minimum order volume is normally 5 thousand metric tons (about 11 million U.S. pounds).

Your Next Step Is Most Important… And it is the easiest step of all: call us at one of our telephone numbers worldwide to discuss your next project, or simply submit an online inquiry through this website.


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    The iProppant Product Family includes ISO/OSHA certified in-house high-strength products as well as top worldwide brands customized to your specifications.

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